Executive Search

When you need to make a key hire for a senior, leadership or niche technical role, a meticulous and transparent search will ensure that the highest calibre talent is presented. Frequent communication, regular feedback and a well-planned approach gives you the confidence you’re hiring the best.

Recruitment Solutions

Lucent offer a range of recruitment solutions from contingent services, recruitment project management, agency management and outsourced in-house recruitment services. Quality, partnership and responsiveness are at the heart of our business as we aim to find you the best people in the best possible way.

Recruitment Marketing

The competition for senior and technical talent is fierce, and candidates care about the companies they work for more than ever. Lucent can work with you to ensure you’re presenting your employer brand and values in the best possible way to targeted audiences giving you competitive edge.

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Welcome to The Lucent Group
The Lucent Group’s approach. Recruitment should not be transactional, it should be personal.  Candidates are making big decisions with far reaching consequences when they change jobs.  Businesses need people with the best skills, experience and cultural fit to help them grow, and every member of their team is unique.  At Lucent, our approach is transparent,