Recruitment Marketing


Recruitment Marketing

A strong employer brand will help you attract, engage and retain more talent.  Candidate behaviour has changed and the recruitment experience is more important than ever.  To ensure that you have the competitive edge when securing talent, you need to create and communicate a compelling story.

Building relationships with passive talent pools now will allow you to access quality talent more effectively when you need it and reduce your hiring costs.  Stand out from the competition, be digital and human.

Recruitment marketing services include;

  • Employer branding
  • Employer value proposition
  • Digital and content marketing for recruitment
  • Careers sites
  • Bespoke events and job fairs
  • Recruitment advertising
  • Support your marketing team
  • Social media for recruitment

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Welcome to The Lucent Group
The Lucent Group’s approach. Recruitment should not be transactional, it should be personal.  Candidates are making big decisions with far reaching consequences when they change jobs.  Businesses need people with the best skills, experience and cultural fit to help them grow, and every member of their team is unique.  At Lucent, our approach is transparent,