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Hire Leaders Who Scale

We headhunt for significant, niche or hard to fill roles

Hire people who deliver the results you need

Our executive search consultants have helped start-up and scale-up businesses secure investment, grow revenue and improve profitability.  We have considerable experience in executive, leadership and senior management search while headhunting across fintech, payments, wealthtech, lending tech, insurtech, blockchain, cyber security, data and digital identity.


Lucent has extensive and well-established networks and leverages our long term relationships with senior executives in the UK and internationally.  We search for talent at C-level, Director, VP and Head of levels across sales, marketing, operations, technology, product, and risk.


Female or BAME Appointments in 2020 and 2021


Successful Candidates Introduced Within 2 Weeks


Acceptance Rate of Preferred Candidate

Meticulous Engagement

Each executive search begins with a complete understanding of your role. We listen carefully to your needs and help you comprehensively plan and define your position. We then create an all-inclusive search plan, timetable, and interview strategy in line with your objectives. 

Using our marketing expertise, we create engaging candidate briefing documents that tell your story. We share and articulate your ambitions, bring your culture to life and position the opportunity. Regularly working with highly confidential roles, we prepare any non-disclosure agreements that may be required.

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Intelligent Processes

We forensically search for talent using our networks alongside the latest technology and business intelligence systems.  Candidates are rigorously screened to ensure we are presenting you with only the best. Throughout this, we provide visibility of the companies and talent we are targeting and feedback valuable market intelligence.


Our systematically designed interview process is tailored to brief, working with you at every stage in the process. Our highly skilled executive search team frequently use psychometric testing as well as coaching of the hiring teams and personalised candidate assessment advice.    

Transparent Communication

Throughout the entirety of the search process, we regularly and transparently communicate with you giving you visibility of our work and pipeline as it progresses. 

We manage all negotiations, including those where equity or options comprise part of the package. Enhanced background checks and advice regarding executive onboarding best practice are frequently provided.  

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Engaged Search

For significant and niche positions we form a tailored approach to each search we undertake. Our data intelligence and AI tools,  combined with our wealth of experience in executive, leadership, and senior management make us perfect partners to access and acquire talent quickly.

Retained Search

Need an all-encompassing approach? Our complete search plan, timetable and interview strategy works in line with your objectives. We regularly and transparently communicate with you, giving full visibility of our pipeline as it progresses, frequently managing negotiations and equity packages.

Talent Solutions

To complement our leadership search practice,  we provide bespoke executive psychometric testing, interview design and compensation research.  We also work with investors providing talent due diligence, pre and post-investment.

Executive search and headhunting for niche, hard to fill appointments the smart way.

Chief Revenue Officer

Chief Operations Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Head of Software Development

Head of Product

Chief Product Officer

Chief Innovation Officer

Chief Information Officer

Head of Risk and Compliance (MLRO)

Head of Talent

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Join Our Network

We work with our executives and leaders to help them define and plan their careers.  Our networks give us access to jobs that are not on the market. 

If you're starting to consider your next move, get in touch to find out how we can help you progress and provide you with access to exclusive opportunities.

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