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Hiring the right person can be hard. It's even harder in a fast-growing company or when it's a new role.

Finding and attracting an A-player to your team means having a well-thought-out job description and compelling messages articulating what the role will mean to the successful candidate.


Additionally, you need to be confident you're making the best possible decision, often while you're in a fast-paced and/or ambiguous environment.

To help you do this, we have created a workbook of questions you can use to

  • Work out what you need someone to do so the company hits it's goals

  • Who you need to hire to fill the role with an overachiever

  • Understand better how to identify the best talent

  • Attract top performers to your team

  • Work out what you need to assess at interview so you can hire with confidence.

We hope this workbook inspires and helps you!

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