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UK High Growth Cryptocurrency Sector Update

Talent Demand

Demand for talent is high, and 37% of companies are actively hiring. Many companies are struggling to find developers and salespeople, yet very few (less than 5%) have anyone heading up a people or talent. It is harder to hire and grow in line with your commercial goals and culture aspirations without talent acquisition processes in place.

Leadership Team Growth

We noticed that leadership teams typically grow from 2 to 6 as a company's headcount moves from 25 to 50 employees. As only 3% of founders are women and 13% of senior managers and leaders are female, there is an opportunity to impact gender diversity as businesses scale. Having more female leaders affects the company's diversity overall in the longer term, so it's an important consideration when searching for senior talent.

Impact of Investment

The amount of investment in 2021 was £1.16 bn, and many of these companies are now hiring. Competition for the best and those with domain-specific experience is high but not as intense as in the open banking or payments sectors where investment was even higher.

In the News

DeFinity launches DEFX on BSC

Stripe teams up with Blockchain

Haruko raises £10 million seed round

Think Markets enters Japan

Trustology acquired by Bitpanda

Zumo CPO embraces the build of an alternative people function

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We help fintech and cyber security businesses grow, scale, and become as successful as possible by hiring the best people in the most effective and impactful manner. Lucent was founded to beyond the usual transactional approach because one size fits does not fill all - businesses going through start-up and scale-up periods need bespoke, adaptable recruitment solutions and services created by experts. So we go above and beyond.

We work differently in the structures, systems and processes we use. That makes us more flexible and responsive – giving you faster access to higher-quality leadership and commercial talent, data-backed market intelligence and transparent progress reporting across executive search, key hires and people solutions.


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