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Technology and Product Talent 

Access niche and high-performing product and technology experts.

Secure top product and technology talent in a competitive market

We have helped founders and technical leaders build teams who have created innovative products. The individuals we have placed have built products from scratch, solved complex problems, and they have built and managed successful teams. 

We invest time vetting our candidates through detailed interviews tailored to your role and use role-specific psychometric testing.  This saves you time as we only present candidates who match your requirements.  The competition for talent is intense, so we move at pace and create engaging briefs that sell your company and the opportunity to candidates.


Female or BAME Appointments in 2020 and 2021


Successful Candidates Introduced Within 2 Weeks


Acceptance Rate of Preferred Candidate

Technology and Product Roles We Hire

Chief Technology Officer

VP Engineering

Head of Development

Technology Developer

Chief Information Officer

Chief Product Officer

VP Product

Head of Product

Principal Product Manager

Chief Digital Officer


With over fifteen years of experience in hiring technical talent, we understand how to attract and engage with technology professionals.  Typically we have an incredibly high response and connection rates in our technology campaigns.

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Our reach covers the nuances of product and we understand the complexities of hiring someone in this space.  We have built product teams in several companies from scratch and helped hire the future leaders of these businesses.   

Engaged Search

For significant and niche positions we form a tailored approach to each search we undertake. Our data intelligence and AI tools,  combined with our wealth of experience in executive, leadership, and senior management make us perfect partners to access and acquire talent quickly.

Retained Search

Need an all-encompassing approach? Our complete search plan, timetable and interview strategy works in line with your objectives. We regularly and transparently communicate with you, giving full visibility of our pipeline as it progresses, frequently managing negotiations and equity packages.

Talent Consultancy

To grow quickly with confidence you have a talent team who can deliver?  Our team have helped successful fintech and cyber security companies scale at pace.  We can help you build a talent function, support your team on projects or compliment them with recruitment marketing and talent pool management.


Join Our Network

We work with technology and product  talents to help them define and plan their careers.  Our networks give us access to jobs that are not on the market. 

If you're starting to consider your next move, get in touch to find out how we can help you progress and provide you with access to exclusive opportunities.

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