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Diversity and Inclusion in Hiring Policy


Our Culture & Collaboration Code outlines our ethos towards diversity and inclusion as:

  • We have a responsibility, passion and desire to promote diversity and inclusion in our business and the businesses we support with hiring.

  • We allow people to embrace their diversity and share it with the team.

  • We believe in the power of diversity and inclusion and that it makes businesses more successful, but most importantly, it’s just right.

  • Clients should be committed to diversity and provide inclusive environments.

  • We don’t tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind, internally or externally.

To ensure that these statements are embedded in our ethos, processes and day to day operations and facilitate diverse and inclusive hiring we take the following actions:


  • We treat everyone with dignity and respect and want to ensure we have access to the broadest pool of talent possible.

  • We write inclusive job posts and briefing documents that will appeal to everyone, use neutral language, and avoid stereotypes.

  • We may monitor applicants’ race, age, gender and disability on a voluntary basis. This data does not impact the recruitment process and is anonymised and only used for monitoring in line with this policy.

  • We don’t ask candidates about their health or disabilities before a job offer unless this is an essential aspect of the job, or to check if any reasonable adjustments are required to facilitate a fair and inclusive recruitment process.

  • We don’t discriminate against employees, partners, clients or candidates based on their gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital or civil partner status, race, colour, nationality, ethnic, religion or belief, pregnancy,  disability or age.

  • Whether recruiting internally or for a client, we use structured hiring methodology and consistent questions for each interview so that we are objectively and fairly assessing candidates’ skills, competencies and work experience.

  • We make reasonable adjustments to ensure that our services are accessible.

  • Career progression and promotion is on merit, and everyone has the same access to opportunities.

  • We focus on results and outcomes and have flexible working hours, and all requests are considered.

  • Training and education on diversity and inclusion are essential. Annual training on the Equality Act 2010, direct discrimination, indirect discrimination, reasonable adjustments, disability discrimination, harassment, and victimisation is mandatory.

  • We regularly review this policy and amend it as appropriate. 

  • If anyone becomes aware of a discriminatory practice, harassment, victimisation or intimidation, or has other concerns about behaviour relating to diversity and inclusion; they should inform one the Directors of the business.

If you have any additional questions about The Lucent Group Ltd’s approach to diversity and inclusion, please contact

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