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How to Leverage AI with a Product Thinking Approach with Angus Allan

AI is transforming the way companies innovate and serve customers. But deploying AI effectively requires careful planning and a product mindset. In this episode, Angus Allan, of xDesign and former startup founder, shares his playbook for leveraging AI to create competitive advantages. 


You will hear key insights on: 

- Finding the pragmatic middle ground amidst AI hype cycles   

- Determining if your company is a net consumer or producer of AI innovation 

- Applying product thinking to solve real customer problems with AI 

- How Money Saving Expert launched a chatbot in just 6 weeks 

- Building an "AI moat" by using proprietary data to enhance AI capabilities 

- Intrapreneur vs entrepreneur mindsets and how companies can leverage these 


Episode Highlights 

[01:34] Why adopting AI effectively requires finding a pragmatic middle ground between hype and pessimism  

[02:58] How AI accessibility makes it easier to get started but harder to differentiate your business 

[09:19] Why product thinking is key to solving real customer problems with AI (not just using AI for its own sake)  

[13:35] How Money Saving Expert launched a chatbot in just 6 weeks using an agile process, safety measures, and trusted data sources  

[23:50] Why building an "AI moat" using your unique data is crucial for creating competitive advantage with AI  

[31:17] How intrapreneurs can successfully champion AI innovation by securing executive support and establishing risk frameworks 

About Angus Allan 

Angus Allan is a product leader and former founder with global experience across AI, financial services, and product management in start-ups, scale-ups, and enterprises. Currently a Senior Product Manager at xDesign, Angus combines his passion for AI and product strategy to deliver innovative solutions. He advocates for building responsible AI products that solve real customer problems and helped launch the award-winning MoneySavingExpert Chatbot. Angus regularly consults on AI product discovery, ideation, and implementation, co-organizes Product Tank Edinburgh, serves as Non-Executive Director at Rock Trust, and writes about AI and Product Management at

• Angus on LinkedIn 


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