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2023 Trends in the Digital Identity Sector

Rebecca Hastings recently sat down with Chris Tate, CEO, and Gillian Jones, Senior Business Development Manager from Condatis, to discuss the trends they're seeing in the identity market.

Condatis are Microsoft Gold Partners and experts in creating bespoke identity solutions within travel and hospitality, education, government and utilities and energy.

Listen to Chris Tate, CEO of Condatis here in this short video.

Find out what Gillian Jones, Senior Business Development Manager and travel and hospitality identity expert thinks are key trends and opportunities here.

Key takeaways

  • Identity is becoming a greater focus for organisations in the short and long term.

  • Remote work and mobility of training credentials are helping drive this

  • Decentralised identity is becoming more accepted.

  • Identity is increasingly being considered a key component of the customer journey.

  • Gartner indicates a 15-25% year-on-year growth in the sector and Microsoft is leading innovation in this area.


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