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How Can Enterprise Companies Leverage AI? with Gary Crawford

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a buzzword in today's business world, offering enterprise companies opportunities to transform their operations and redefine success. However, integrating AI into existing products, services, and operating models is not without challenges. In this episode, we will hear insights from my special guest, Gary Crawford, Chief Innovation Officer of Waracle, on how enterprise companies can leverage AI and what they should consider when adopting this technology. Gary is a globally experienced leader who has had the privilege of leading technology, innovation, and business transformation for world-renowned brands.

You will hear us discuss some of the emerging AI trends businesses should look out for and the steps organizations should take to stay ahead of the curve.

Episode Outline and Highlights

  • [01:09] What does a Chief Innovation Officer do?

  • [05:05] How working with Thoughtworks and AKQA influenced Gary's career.

  • [08:47] How economic downturns result in innovation as an inflection point.

  • [11:49] What AI improvement and development means to society.

  • [13:51] Gary talks about "post-traumatic growth."

  • [15:15] How can enterprise companies leverage AI?

  • [21:03] Beyond ChatGPT 4, what other things should we have on the radar for AI in the workplace?

  • [27:41] Ethical considerations on AI adoption.

  • [35:47] What steps should businesses take now to stay ahead of the curve?

  • [39:11] AI and VR in the healthcare space.

How Can Enterprise Companies Leverage AI?

Artificial Intelligence is now seen as a promising innovation that can transform the workplace and a game changer in defining success for enterprise companies. How can organizations leverage AI? Gary shared his insights on this matter as a Chief Innovation Officer. He said, "AI is a technology, but we need to find ways of integrating it into products, services, operating models, and society." He added, "The biggest challenge in the AI space has less to do with technology, but more with human behaviour."

So, what mindset should business leaders have in leveraging AI? Gary stated it well, "This is less about how you can take AI and put it into your existing business, and more about how we reimagine business based on the capabilities that AI brings to the table."

AI in the Workplace - Other Things We Should Keep on Our Radar

So beyond ChatGPT 4, what other things should we look out for when integrating AI into our workplace? "What I think we will see in the coming few months is… an explosion and innovation that will be really interesting." Some of the things that Gary discussed are:

An interesting topic that Gary and I also talked about was ethical considerations when adopting AI for your organization.

Steps to Take to Stay Ahead

As a business, what are the steps your should be taking now to stay ahead of the curve? For Gary, it is thinking more about experimentation. "Any organization that wants to stay ahead of the curve and embrace new things… run experiments. Try something out… Give a constrained budget and clear outcomes," is how Gary elaborated. To summarize, he gave the following pointers:

  • Run experiments

  • Create a hypothesis

  • Be clear on how you measure your hypothesis

  • Have an acceptable amount of investment

To stay ahead, Gary emphasized the importance of making the above steps a natural part of your organization.

About Gary Crawford

Gary is a globally experienced executive leader specializing in digital transformation and turnaround business strategies for mid-market and global enterprises. A globally experienced leader, Gary has had the privilege of leading technology, innovation, and business transformation for some of the world's best-known global brands. He's at home at the sharp end of digital disruption in traditional industries.

He is currently the Chief Innovation Officer of Waracle Ltd and a regular speaker at conferences on digital transformations and AI.

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