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The Hiring Managers’ Video Guide

If video hasn’t previously played the protagonist in your talent-acquisition process, it needs to now.

Climatically as well as technologically, the game has changed, with mindsets following suit. Your prospect hires are expecting virtual conversations; and they want them, too.

As remote working policies slide into the organisational reformation, it makes sense to imbed digital into candidate evaluation.

So here are some tips to ensure you maximise online interview engagement:

Setting up: The choice of tech to host virtual meetings is subjective; choose what works for you and your business. If it needs to integrate into an ATS for longevity, you’ll need more than a basic platform. If this isn’t a requirement, great.

Whichever your opted medium, you’ll need to consider three key elements:

1. Equipment: Your hosting device may be all you need, though an external microphone will always enhance the audio quality.

2. Time: Invariably virtual meetings overrun, so make sure you leave enough distance between them. Fifteen minutes is sufficient to reflect, write up notes and prepare for the next one.

3. Branding: A greenscreen allows you to showcase your company logo, strapline or values, whilst simultaneously hiding any clutter lurking behind your desk! But some prefer the transparency of informality.

Structure: The supposed informality of virtual conversation shouldn’t hide the need for composition. As with physical meetings, screen-based sessions require foundations for development. Nail the basics and you’ll have a framework built for economical concision.

So, to maximise the time efficiency virtue of video interviewing, it’s important to ensure your preparation is as robust as it would be offline.

Preparing a business elevator pitch is a great way to follow the rudimentary introductory fundamentals, whilst priming the killer questions beforehand will ensure answers to all the salient questions.

It is also good practice to frame the meeting right at the beginning, outlining the purpose, plan and intended outcome. Suggesting a definitive conclusion time manages expectations for both parties.

Substance: Remembering the importance of personal and business brand reputation whatever the circumstance, will ensure you continue recognising what you say, how you say it and in what attire it’s said!

Whilst nobody expects a three-piece to be worn at home, if the interview is being conducted remotely and your usual policy is to dress up, perhaps consider an ironed shirt. If casual is standard, dress accordingly. Either way, reflecting the true nature of your brand confirms continuity.

As with any meeting, body language conveys your thoughts and accentuates their meaning.

And if we’re getting deeper on the subject, your non-verbal communication will reflect your subconscious behaviour, too. So, act over video as you would in person.

For example, leaning back suggests consideration or relaxation; leaning forward suggests attention, enthusiasm and positivity. These behaviours are easily translational via video.

Do make sure you are free of distractions. Looking around the room when your potential hire is sat in the centre of your screen wouldn’t be considered good manners. Again, you are reflecting your company brand.

For some businesses video has replaced face-to-face interviews – at least in the preliminary stages. For others, it is part of a blended approach. But whatever its function, video interviewing forms an integral part of the candidate experience.

As a hiring manager you have an obligation to portray your organisation with optimum integrity. Done right building tech into your talent attraction strategy keeps you contemporary, is economically sound, saves time and fosters engagement. It is also a virtual window into your candidates’ potential new world.

Make sure you maximise the potential.

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